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he CY7C63xxx is a family of 8-bit RISC One Time Programmable (OTP) microcontrollers with a built-in 1.5-Mbps USB serial interface engine. The microcontroller features 35 instructions which are optimized for USB applications. There is 128 bytes of onboard RAM available incorporated into each microcontroller. The Cypress USB Controller accepts a 6 MHz ceramic resonator or a 6 MHz crystal as its clock source. This clock is doubled within the chip to provide a 12 MHz clock for the microprocessor.
  The microcontroller features two ports of up to sixteen general purpose I/Os (GPIOs). Each GPIO pin can be used to generate an interrupt to the microcontroller. Additionally, all pins in Port 1 are equipped with programmable drivers strong enough to drive LEDs. The GPIO ports feature low EMI emissions as a result of controlled rise and fall times, and unique output driver circuits in the microcontroller.
  The Cypress CY7C63001 USB microcontroller is optimized for human-interface computer peripherals such as a mouse, joystick, and gamepad. Cypress USB microcontrollers conform to the low-speed (1.5 Mbps) requirements of the USB Specification version 1.0. Each micorcontroller is a self-contained unit with a USB interface engine, USB transceivers, an 8-bit RISC microcontroller, a clock oscillator, timers, and program memories. It supports one USB device address and two end points.
  The 6 MHz clock generated by the on-chip oscillator is stepped up to 12 MHz to drive the microcontroller. A RISC architecture with 35 instructions is chosen to provide the best balance between performance and produc