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This ROM-Based 8-bit micro-controller uses a fully static CMOS design technology combines higher speed and smaller size with the low power and high noise immunity of CMOS.On chip memory system includes 1.0 K bytes of ROM, and 32 bytes of static RAM.
  MDT1010  Features
  Fully CMOS static design
  8-bit data bus
  On chip ROM size : 1,024 words
  Internal RAM size : 32 bytes
  (25 general purpose registers, 7 special registers)
  36 single word instructions
  14-bit instructions
  2-level stacks
  Operating voltage : 2.3V ~ 6.3 V
  Operating frequency : 0 ~ 20 MHz
  The most fast execution time is 200 ns under 20 MHz in all single cycle instructions except the branch instruction
  Addressing modes include direct, indirect and relative addressing modes
  Power-on Reset
  Power edge-detector Reset
  Sleep Mode for power saving
  8-bit real time clock/counter(RTCC) with 8-bit programmable prescaler
  4 types of oscillator can be selected by programming option:
  RC-Low cost RC oscillator
  LFXT-Low frequency crystal oscillator
  XTAL-Standard crystal oscillator
  HFXT-High frequency crystal oscillator
  4 oscillator start-up time can be selected by programming option:
  150 ms, 20 ms, 40 ms, 80 ms
  On-chip RC oscillator based Watchdog Timer(WDT) can be operated freely
  Pull up resistors for the following pins :
  Pull down resistors for the following pins :
  PA0~PA3, PB0~PB7, RTCC
  12 I/O pins with their own independent direction control